Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year and lots of changes

2013! A new year and lots has happened. I've almost finished my extremely long stream of job interviews and I've posted a ton of new stuff on my etsy site. My husband has continued to encourage me to draw which he considers my foremost gift so I've obliged and somehow a tweaky little pufferfish was born as well as a bunch of other creatures.

All of these were done with copic and prismacolor alcohol markers, white gel marker, and judicious use of a clear blender marker. If you want to start with alcohol markers, I'd recommend buying prismacolor first, they cost about half as much and perform almost as well. I did the pufferfish on marker paper which I'd never used before - it's ultra thin and smooth and surprisingly holds onto marker aggressively. I've used mostly bristol before and you can move pigment around with the blender after colors have dried on bristol but not the marker paper. 

Please feel free to check out my etsy shop for prints of any of these :)

Also I've gone on an Oya lace tangent and have been making these little flag charms like mad. I think i'll make a series since I have all this lovely vintage mercerized cotton lying around.

~ happy new year