Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My new neighborhood and tumbleweeds

Having recently lost my job, I've had some challenges to say the least! My lease with my apartment was up and we had given our 30-days' notice before I lost my job meaning we had to find a new (affordable) place to rent STAT. I am so blessed to have wonderful friends and one of which was moving out of her house and let us move in. It's right beside a big swath of undeveloped endowment land which is full of scrubby native plants (Boise is in a semi-arid zone).

Endowment land

Somehow these delicate wildflowers survive in the scorching heat

I found a beautiful dried branch that had blown in from somewhere!

There's a cafe in town with a piece of tumbleweed as a lampshade it's gorgeous! While this definitely isn't tumbleweed it has just the right rustic chic look I want :).

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