Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shark Week - elegant hammerheads

Well, it looks like I'm not alone in geeking out hard on shark week. I did a shark dive a few years ago with galapagos sharks in Hawai'i as well as a night manta ray dive (AMAZING) which were mindblowing, both. It seems people are fascinated with the ocean just like me, it makes me hopeful that we don't know or control everything and that gives me comfort that there's still magic left in the world.

On NPR they featured mr. Dan Barber's rant on sustainable fishing which was adorably framed as his love affairs with two very different fish - on 'sustainably' farmed aka on a fish farm fed on chicken pellets, the other farmed on a bird sanctuary/wildlife refuge. Everyone should check it out:

There's an image from shark week that sticks out in my mind - it's of a diver sinking to the bottom and filming a group of hammerheads from below. They sleek bodies are contrasted again the hazy-bright sky and they look purposeful but perfectly serene. It's a beautiful image. Maybe I'll turn it into a sketch if I feel in the mood today.

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