Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Works in progress

I've had a few projects going on. I love simple wire earrings like the one below by 'by boe'
I wanted to make something like the lampwork glass beads I posted a week ago and the wire earrings above and have been experimenting with how to attach crochet shapes onto a wire form. Here are some results. The earrings are close to done and will be posted on etsy soon. I think i'll finish them with a satin finish to buff out any marks my pliers have made. I have a dear friend who is having a wedding soon maybe I will give these to her as part of her gift. 

and here they are finally shaped. The sparklier wire is hammered out. And by hammered I mean I could only find a monkey wrench and a heavy due set of wire cutters and that's what I hit against each other. It's only hardened it every so slightly. Hardening wire is the bane of my life!

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